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It’s Not Reform Without A Public Option

August 17, 2009

If we are to believe the reporting of such journalistic institutions as The Washington Post, New York Times, and countless other information sources. Obama nation, of which I am a member,  could have much to be upset about. Reports have it that our best hope for Progressive leadership, the Obama Administration, has decided to de-emphasize the necessity of a robust public option as an intrical element for reforming our countries “classist” health-care system.

Quoted by the Post, President Obama said of the public option:

“The public option, whether we have it or we don’t have it, is not the entirety of health-care reform,” Obama said. “This is just one sliver of it.”

I do not presume to know as thoroughly at the material level, the issues facing the reform of our health care system, as undoubtedly, Pres. Obama does. But, I must protest. The public option is not just “one sliver” in reform, it is the crux, the keystone for real reform.  The inclusion of a public option in whatever bill presented to Pres. Obama for signing, was a precarious notion at best, especially with the concerted battle being waged against such a leveler by the Insurance and Medical Industry.

In my opinion, Health reform was probably not a reality in any real reform sense at all. Why? The Democrats in the Congress have no spine. Too many calls for bipartisanship, too much cowtowing to special interest desires by Senators like Max Baucus, Kent Conrad; and too many olive branches being offered by our current administration to an obstructionist minority party.

Simply put, Democrats have shown no stomach to effect a real change. What are the arguments you hear from the Democrats against the public option, forget the foolish fear mongering of the Republic obstructionists, you hear that there is no desire to diminish the insurance industry, there is no interest in hurting the pharmaceutical industry. You hear misplaced priorities. The facts are our countries “great” health care system is realized as great by the wealthy and those who can scrape together the finance to pay for the services that put others in bankruptcy proceedings.

We need the public option to level the influence and monopoly of the drug companies and health insurance companies. Without it we will see our percentage of health care bills continue to creep up to the point where we are the majority payers. Too many people have there lives forever changed by catastrophic and other health emergencies, only to be left to the cold reality of their own condition by their insurance providers. And they will continue to treat us as numbers on a page, unless we have a system that is robust and affordable seperate and apart from their influence.

I hope, yes I still have HOPE, that Pres. Obama will take hold of the reins of his party and steer the ship of state into the direction of real reforms, not the superficial cost savings that are the hallmark of the GOP’s proposals.

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