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On Shouting Down a President

September 10, 2009

Carl Hulse of the New York Times while blogging the Presidential address to the joint-session of Congress relates the words of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, a notorious Washington tough guy, after the crude heckling of Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC):

“No president ever has been treated like that, ever,” Mr. Emanuel told reporters.”

I submit to Mr. Hulse, that we’ve never had a President quite like this one. It has been the modus operandi of this President to extend himself to the opposition, to bend over backwards to not offend on issues of great difficulty – like immigration. But yet, we still have a white (and it cannot be ignored that he is white), southern (it also cannot go ignored that he is a representative of a southern state) legislator – a member of Congress no less, vociferously heckle the Head of State.

In the past I have stated that the undercurrent of racism that has gone hidden in our electorate seemed to be expressing itself more violently since the advent of the first black President. Rep. Joe Wilson is a bi-product of this racial unrest. He has been an advocate of the most notorious slanders of the President’s efforts in Health care reform, such as the “death panel” lies, and now the “illegal immigrant” benefits lie.

These deliberately misleading statements are meant for one thing. To raise the spectator of “the angry black man” to a rapidly diminishing southern white power structure. We should be glad that this outrageous behavior is being displayed in plain sight, instead of under the “white hoods” that it hid under before.

Kudos to the DCCC for seizing this opportunity to hoist the GOP on it’s on petard.

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