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The Trigger Option Won’t Pass

September 13, 2009

Besides being horrible policy, as Slate magazine’s Timothy Noah deftly details. The truth about the trigger proposal is this, it is an overture to an opposition party that has no intention of being honest brokers.  Today, one of  the two moderate republicans left ion Congress, Susan Collins explained it perfectly.


Asked on CNN’s State of the Union if the use of the trigger would make inclusion of the public option more acceptable, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, unequivocally replied “no.”

“The problem with trigger is it just delays the public option,” Collins told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, “because the people who are going to be making the determination about whether the market is competitive enough, want the public option.”

That, my friends, is a round about way of saying the public option is a dead end for the Republican caucus. This is Susan Collins. The “moderate” voice to a swiftly running right conservative party. If she cannot see a way to compromise on the public option, even with the kick the can trigger proposal attached, we should take note.  We are working with a party bent on stalling or stopping reform.

Let us have no more empty overtures to bipartisanship. The trigger option was the last best hope for Republican buy in to the Public Option. That is a fact. They have never conceded to it’s viability, and will not do so with an arbitrary set of time and result triggers that will never be achieved.

We need the public option now. We need the proverbial gun to point at the head of the Health insurance agencies to keep them honest.

Nothing else will suffice.

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