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The Fear of “Race”

September 18, 2009

I have watched this week, as every political pundit advised the 44th President of these United States to “avoid the issue”. That issue of course was race.

I have watched as the Obama White House announced their belief that race has not been a primary issue in the angry fervor of the right-wing protesters.

I’ve watched…and inside I have cried.

I’ve cried inside because the denials of the truth are condemning us. It is condemning African-American’s to continue on with the feelings of animus and despair. With the feeling that redemption is an ideal best left for the short of memory. But it has long been the ability of African people to hold history as precious, because it has been our teacher.

It (our history) once again recalls the words of Baldwin, as he described the plight of an African-American experience:

“To be an Afro-American, or an American black, is to be in the situation, intolerably exaggerated, of all those who have ever found themselves part of a civilization which they could in no wise honorably defend – which they were compelled, indeed, endlessly to attack and condemn – and who yet spoke out of the most passionate love, hoping to make the kingdom new, to make it honorable and worthy of life.”

 We are living these words. When a former President admits to the racist underpennings of many of the critics of Pres. Obama and the answer from our leadership is slight regard, denial, and in the case of the opposition, passing it on as partisanship we (those people of conscious) are compelled to condemn.

We are compelled to condemn a confederate flag defending, “you lie!” screaming Congressman from South Carolina as having racist tendencies…we are compelled to call protesters who seek to illegitamize an elected President as a foreigner bigots…we are compelled to condemn the mischaracterization of African heritage on protests signs…we are compelled to condemn talking heads like Rush Limbaugh (who has called for segregated busing for school children)!

We are compelled to condemn their actions in the nae of patriotism as decidely unpatriotic, and un-American!

We are compelled to do this because we wish to see the “new” and make this nation “honorable and worthy of life.”

It is my hope that the evil argument that is being made will not go silently challenged by leaders, will not be brushed off by those seeking a false post-racialism. We must combat ignorance with truth and accountability. It’s the only way we can all be the “Change” we believed possibly in reach on a Tuesday evening in November 2008.


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