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The Tea Party – A call to a Racist Past

July 19, 2010

A cursory look at the rhetoric of the Tea Partiers during their many protests, you will see statements written on signs like this:

“Obama-nomics.  Monkey See, monkey spend”

“The Zoo has an African, and the White House has a Lyin’ African”

Both of course are incendiary and designed to illecit a particular response, from friend and foe. However, these statements have grown in volume, in perverse and hateful dynamism, and are bent on more than what the Tea Partiers want us to believe.  Yes, Senator Cornyn, I’m about to say the magic word that all Republican politicians hate…they are RACIST in there origin. The Tea Party would have us believe that they grew out of a spontaneous disdain for a run-away government, a government who could not control its pention toward spending, and a burgeoning indebtedness.  However, the reality of their formation denies their claims.  I saw no Tea-Party movement while Pres. George Bush drove the country into it’s steepest recession since the 1920’s.  I saw no southern grandmothers carrying signs that said “Revolution is Brewing”, while the Republicans held all the cards and freed Wall Street of real oversight.  I saw no evidence of these great and aggreived “citizens” movement while we spent billions upon billions of our hard worked for dollars destroying Iraq under the contrived spectre of WMD!

I did not see these “fiscally” outraged citizens until there was a African-American inhabiting the “White House”.  The venom, the aggrieved feelings of this concerned citizens was never so evident, until there was a President Obama. Until the leader of “their world” didn’t look like them.  It was then that the should be called “Most racist state” Arizona, thought they had a right to as a state require the elected President to present verification of his citizenship upon entrance to the state.  Are you kidding me Arizona? The NAACP, as the oldest civil rights organization in this country was justified to form its resolution and call these spades what they are.  A movement which houses in itself strongly racist elements, if not a majority of racists. They are the natural progression of an extreme Right-Wing.  A portion of the population who cannot stand the notion of being led by a Black man…who cannot stand the idea that government actually helps minorities…and cannot stand that they aren’t in control.

The Tea party is essentially a call back to those lines of demarcation that held white citizens in a place of superiority to all.  The idea has never died, but within the Tea Parties ranks, there are those who would have that implication returned to openly held reality.  The Rand Paul’s and the Mark Williams’ mask their racism in concern over fiscal philosophy and “democracy”. But their motivations are obscured by their own unintelligable lack of understanding this countries issue with race.  Seriously, anytime you can honestly pen a letter that categorizes slavery as a “great gig” you have lost touch with the reality of racism.  Joe Madison, my favorite radio commentator, explains this phenomenon in these words:

“In America we have been conditioned to believe that white is superior, black is inferior, and the manifestation of this is that black people are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized.”

That is why you can be a Tea party member and not know that portions of your movement are racist. Because you have been conditioned by the attitudes of the loathesome to believe that there is no problem with the ridiculous castigation of an elected president as illegitimate. He is just black to you. Inferior, valueless, easily pushed to the margin. There is a phenomenon in nature that follows this same kind of pattern, it does not allow for critical thought, it is motivated by a few leaders and dominated by drones.  It’s called the hive mind.

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