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No “Insurance”

September 22, 2010

Major health insurance companies in California and other states have decided to stop selling policies for children rather than comply with a new federal healthcare law that bars them from rejecting youngsters with preexisting medical conditions. – Los Angeles Times


I try, mostly, not to inject my emotions when I blog, but I am so sick of these corporate plutocrats who have no interest in the public well-being handling a system as important as our healthcare. Let’s get this straight everyone, we need “single-payer healthcare.” We need a system that cannot be jerry-rigged to benefit the smallest percent of our populace. We need a system that is accountable not to the interest of shareholders, but to the people it serves.

We do not have that, and will not have that as long as healthcare or health insurance is a “business-model” issue and not a human rights issue.

That is the crux of the problem. Big Insurers feel that providing health insurance to those who need it (the elderly, the sick, children) creates “an un-level competitive environment,” unconscionable! These plutocrats are not interested in helping anyone, they are interested in padding their accounts with our money, but not at the expense of working on our behalf. We the people need to stand up and speak out!

We have to push the White House for what we need. You don’t make change happen in one election, you don’t make change by electing one man – but change is denied and reversed when we allow the kind of brazen and punitive behavior these corporate giants are displaying. They are emboldened to do what they are doing. They have been supported by a silent majority of our legislators (who are indebted to them for their great contributions to their individual campaigns) because of an activist Supreme Court, who decided against the people in the “Citizen’s United” decision giving way to a deluge of corporate campaign finance. Now their playing the hand they have.

I was excited that major healthcare legislation was finally inked. It was a victory, but it will only be a figurative one if we don’t stand against these EVIL. We need to encourage, push, demand that our legislators take up bills like Assemblyman Mike Feuer’s (D-Los Angeles); a bill that would bar companies that seek loopholes and other means of denying people health coverage from selling insurance in the lucrative individual market for 5 years.

We as a country BELIEVED that we could say change in our lifetime in 2008. That’s why we voted, in record numbers, for President Barack Obama. Now in the midst of the worst fiscal delimma the nation has had in decades, we here reports of voter apathy, and dis-engagement. We need to drop our delusions. If we stand on the sideline we will acquiesce to the people whose sole desire is to  “restore the honor”  of America by reversing every social benefit every introduced. 

The Mission is clear GET ACTIVE!

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