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Mr. President – “Don’t Deal!”

December 2, 2010


The GOP is effectively sticking the American people up. Yesterday, in an act that can only be called ” CONGRESSIONAL BLACK MAIL” Mitch McConnell delivered a letter to the President stating that they would filibuster every agenda item that comes up in the Senate until they can have a vote on the extension on the Bush Tax cuts and Budget!

Did you read that? Nothing gets done until the Republicans secure money for the richest people in country, until we sure up the Corporate Welfare System.  They have no shame – and they certainly mean the working people of this country no goodwill.

The question now is, “Will our President cave to their black mail, or fight for what the middle class and the poor really need?” Right now, I can say honestly, I don’t know. In November of 2008, I felt sure that President Obama would fight for everything he spoke on during the campaign…I have no such belief anymore. 

The truth hurts often, but afterwards heals.

The truth is that President Obama’s administration has not heard the people that put them in office. They couldn’t have, for if they had, it would be a no-brainer for them to understand that capitulation on any of these key issues would mean exile in 2012:

  • Extending Tax Cuts for earners making more than $500K
  • Not fighting for the extension of Middle Class tax cuts
  • Freezing the salaries of the middle class
  • Not demanding the entitlement policies of Wall Street and Corporate America’s executive offices to be changed
  • Allowing the unemployment benefits of the under-employed and unemployed to not be extended

There are many more, but those hit the guts of the felt pain of these recessionary times.

Mr. President, with all sincerity, stop playing their games. Don’t Deal – Lead!

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