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I Hate This Deal

August 1, 2011

Once again, in the highstakes game of chicken that our political machine has become, the President and the Democratic Senate has surrendered to the bullying tactics of a hamstrung congress.

Let’s get real here. I am a proponent of President Obama, I will campaign for this President as we gear up for the next election, but I am woefully disappointed in his performance as a strong leader for the poor, the disproportionately disenfrachised and the middle class. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he holds a lion share of the blame in this farce of a battle over the debt ceiling, nor do I think he has any real party support to help him stand on populist principals – however, I do hold him accountable for setting a tone for what is needed in this depressed economic time.

Today, a deal to raise the federal debt is in the works, but that deal carries no laudable deal for “We the People…,” but instead appears to be economic foolishnes aimed at appeasing the Tea Party dumbed congressional Republicans. Let’s get the question of cutting spending clear. It has been the wish of the conservative wing of our legislature to have a minimalist government footprint since the beginning of time. The mantra for having this , is to tout a tightened belt approach to the countries safety net programs, low taxes for the top 10% of Americans and all corporations. Why because of the red herring called confidence. Tough cutting and deficit reduction has no bearing on business confidence levels – a fact that many economic studies and history has detailed. But we are to believe the prescription championed by the GOP can deliver it, a prescription that has never, never produced surplus funds in the countries cophers, or steady employment numbers is our only option!  The great Billy Preston would say,

“Nothing for nothing leaves you nothing”!

Today, we supposedly have a deal to increase our federal debt through 2013, well past the coming election cycle, effectively removing the issue from the public debate. But the reports of the terms of the deal are terrible! Big spending cuts – no increase of revenues at the appropriate levels, with a “super congressional” group of 12 equally divided Dems and Reps who will coming back with further plans for deficit reductions; oh, but by the way, if they fail we get


This is my point of contention with the Democrats, they pose as strong negotiators. Principaled and compassionate legislators, but they with the exception of Health Care (and then they still caved on the Public Option) give in to the extortion tactics of their counterparts.

Today, we are to believe that the Republicans (really the Tea Party) will be more amenable to concessions in the further debates over cuts to programs like defense, and changes to the tax incentives the rich and mega-corporations enjoy. I disagree totally. The Tea Party has shown themselves to be bad stewards of the public trust. The manufactured debt celiing issue is the latest proof of this. They do not deal, they do not make concessions – they stick to their guns and continually hold “We the people…” hostage!

This debt deal which concedes everything and gets nothing in exchange for the President and the Dems will embolden them again. At this point, I’m always braced for the white flag moment we are constantly dealt. So I find no real victory here for our President, just a false distinction to be made. That distinction is that he will be viewed as a “Deficit Cutting” President.

Let me be frank, I hate this deal Mr. President. The passive-aggressive approach to your presidency, that may get you points in the likability scale – will not win any negiotiations with a group of people who have determined long before you came around that people like you and I are to be held down. All while the mega-rich and privileged class continue to garner the benefits of favored status economic policy.

If this deal passes today, it is in fact a surrender to the bully. It will allow us to pay our bills, and not default on our debt….but we will have surrendered to the bully…how long are “We the people…” going to keep having to give up our lunch money?

Well, the next battle is coming. The Bush tax cuts for those same privileged few are coming to a close on December 31, 2012. Tax cuts that our President has promised to allow to expire. We need to hold Pres. Obama and the Democrats to that…but I’m getting prepared to see that “white flag” rise again.

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