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A Committee of Fools

August 3, 2011

All Spending cuts…that is all you will see come out of this imbecilic Super Congress established by the recent debt increase legislation. What Pres. Obama’s advisors were thinking on this one, or even he himself is beyond imagination.

Here’s how crazy the Debt Increase legislation is.  In section 4.02 of the legislation there is essentially a guaranteed filibuster or perpetual amendmentprocess built in if the committee suggests any type of  “revenue” (tax) increases. If that happens we get filibusters and amendments, but if it’s all spending cuts than there can be NO filibusters or amendments! Or, as the saying attributed to Marie Antoinette goes,

“Let them eat cake!” 

Ladies in gentlemen, what I just described is the definition of “seperate and unequal”. It is legislating different rules for different people groups. Once again, the Tea Party’s agenda is brought to light. A return to a imagined golden age, before the 1964 Civil Rights Act, before the 1965 Voter Rights Act or in exact terrms a society that has returned to it’s history of wide-spread disenfranchisement for all peoples labeled minority. Especially in regard to African-American, Latino, and Asian peoples who have established the demarcation line of segregations past, and Jim Crow’s future.

So now “We the peopl…” are subjected to a commitee of fools, who for all intents and purposes will not be formed to create any bi-partisan way out.  Already we know that Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House, John Boehner intend to fill the republican side of the committee with people who WILL NOT CONSIDER REVENUES.

Again, there is no doubt that this deal was bad for the general populace.

So, what are we going to do about this folks. Our elected officials are failing , and showing now resolve to correct those failings in any kind of concentrated way. So that leaves you and I. We need to become our own advocates in this class warfare. The first thing is to stop the current narrative and inject truth to these negotiations:

  1. We cannot fund anything close to the government’s commitments if we don’t raise taxes.
  2. The wealthy aren’t paying their fare share.
  3. Democrats, and those not entrenched with the Tea Party’s crazy economic legislative agenda, have one (1) opportunity to gain traction on revenue – the Bush tax cut expiration. If the Democrats in the Senate, and the White House stand tough, and let those taxes expire, $3.6 trillion in additional revenue fill the nations accounts over the next 10 years as the country reverts to Clinton-era tax rates.
  4. We need to bring the debate to terms that can be bi-partisan, allowing the Bush-era tax cuts to expire, and the tax rates for all Americans returning to Clint-era levels removes tbe idea of class warfare from the debate, and turns the discussion to one where fairness is the mantra.

Let’s see how the fools play at deal making, but in the meantime let’s prepare ourselves to fight for what is right. Not for what is expedient.

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