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The Land of the Lost – GOP Iowa Debate

August 12, 2011

Apparently, the cast running for the GOP Presidential Candidacy are on some great adventure in a land I don’t recognize. As I listened to them discuss the state of the union, I was thrown back to the late 70s and early 80s, when as a child I watched the Marshall family run around, mostly without direction, in “The Land of the Lost’s” prehistoric jungle.

Mitt Romney proclaims that the U.S. is “inches away from not having a free economy”, and that corporations are “people”; Herman Cain swears that we are in the midst of a sharia takeover; Michelle Bachman still doesn’t understand that raising the debt ceiling should never have been in question; Ron Paul is experience a financial apocalypse; Rick Santorum sounds more like a candidate for the CEO of the 700 Club than the President of the United States; and Tim Pawlenty – poor little Timmy, he looks so desperate to be relevant.

Oh, and of course in “The Land of the GOP Candidate”, revenue increases – taxes are taboo.

In all, what became even more evident during the debate,  is that the current slate of Republican candidates are not in-line with the position of the citizens of this country.

Let’s review why not:

  • 66% of voters want to increase the tax rates of the richest citizens
  • 62% of voters think the new debt ceiling measures will disproportionately benefit the rich;
  • 63% want corporations to actually pay more in taxes
  • 64% of voters want no major changes to the Social Security and Medicare;
  • and 62% of voters want a laser focus on jobs.

None of the characters vying for the GOP nomination have agreed with these positions. None of them have proposed solutions to the lack luster job growth; and all of them side heavily on draconian adjustment to the “social safety net programs” instead of reforming the structures that have caused our disproportionate socio-economic problems.

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