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Dear Mr. President – You’re Playing Hardball Now

September 1, 2011

Dear Mr. President – you’re playing hardball now.

You’re not sitting across the table with honest brokers.
You’re not entering into good faith negotiations.
You will not swing this Tea Party hamstrung Congress to your point of you.

You are playing hardball against an adversary who is willing to do anything to slow your progress. Say anything to illegitamize you personally; and send the most affected members of our society into abject poverty for the sake of regaining power.

Today, with the most partisan of battles in recent memory still in the rear view, the Republican Speaker of the House decided to deny the President an audience with the joint Congress. Why, because the schedule is tight. Of course that’s nonsense, last I checked the Speaker controls the schedule. No, that wasn’t the truth. Especially given the historically unprecedented nature of this rejection.

Yes, scheduling this speech at a time the Republicans were to display their Presidential hopefuls was short-sighted. Yes, the floating then  idea that the scheduling conflict was coincidental was absurd, but regardless of the preceived slight, who thinks this would be a story if it were Ronald Regan or George Bush, or any of our other 43 previous (White) Presidents? Anyone … anyone (in my best Ben Stein voice)?

I thought not.

Regardless of the Republican counterpoints, and press reluctance to speak clearly to the issue. Racism/White Supremacy has a great part to play in this. Since being emboldened by their electoral victories in the 2010 mid-term, the Republican legislature has demeaned, derided and tried to eligitimize the 44th and 1st BLACK President. This was another way to do that – put him in his place. The fact that the Speaker went, in essence, straight to the mattresses to make a fight of this is foreboding for whatever jobs package the President puts forth.

In any sense, President Obama is in for a fight. Swing hard Mr. President. It’s past time you put one over the wall.

Permanent change comes through consistent effort. – Bakare

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