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Relief. Recover. Reconstruct.

September 7, 2011

The stakes couldn’t be much higher for President Obama this Thursday, when he gives his big jobs speech before the joint congress. His chance to lay out a strong vision, a vision from Pres. Obama for the economy and how he proposes to create jobs. In contrast to the republicans who for all intelligent assumption will reject whatever he says. This is also important because it will be a moment for the President to present himself as the leader we think he is, but will he take it? Will he be forceful, will he propose the large, or will he small ball and piddle away as the great compromiser?

Some would say that he should have been consulting with the republicans, he should have been asking their input for this speech, however definite a fool’s errand it is.

Let’s be real. At this point, everything is geared for the 2012 election. So what the President must do is set the choice for the American people. He must lay out a democratic vision of what government’s responsibility is to fix the problems in the country. Let’s contextualize this moment historically. When Roosevelt went about his plan to fix the economy, he had a three stage program.

Relief: You must do something NOW. You must do something for the people who have been out of work for extended time. You got to do something for people who are still losing their homes. Do something NOW.

Recovery: What are you going to do to help the people who are just holding on. Can you help them recover the equity they’ve lost, the ground that’s melted away?

Reconstruction: Build, create, make things.

That’s the way we’re going to come out of this recession, that’s the way you’re going to stave off depression.

The contrast are clear. Just yesterday Mitt Romney laid out a 59-point plan to do the same things that republicans been doing since1980. Cut taxes for business, cut regulations on oil companies and environmental protections, kill public education – kill unemployment benefits. Make it harder for people to get healthcare by privatizing and watch the rich create more jobs. The problem is that the top 10% never create any opportunities that don’t lead to their balance sheets.

Mr. President, you need to draw a real distinction between yourself and the Tea Party led congress. Hope must fight off regression. People need to come before business.

Just a few days ago, a 24-yr old father died from a toothache. A man died because he could not afford the $27 dollar antibiotics to ward off the infection that had attacked his wisdom tooth. This is the Tea Party’s America. A country where health care is a privilege not a right. Where the poor should be taxed at the same rate as the obscenely rich. Where public education is defunded and the states stiffen the regulation for voters to exercise their franchise.

Make the distinction Mr. President. Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction has to happen and it must be now. Don’t fall prey to the counsel of those who would have you give way to republican ideals – we know the truth. As long as you’re in the White House, they’ll deny you anything, even their own contrivance. Go big – be bold – WE ARE WATCHING.

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