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Georgia on My Mind

September 22, 2011

Georgia, Georgia, No Peace, no peace I find. Just this old sweet song. Keeps Georgia on my mind. – Ray Charles

That song is bitter sweet  this morning as justice was dealt a blow yesterday evening. We saw a murder last night. We saw a public lynching last night. We saw the prosecution of revenge last night – we did not see justice served contrary to the belief of Sam Olens, Georgian Attorney General.

I pray for the family of Troy Davis, but further, I pray for the parents of African American and poor citizens across the country because our court system is so unjust. One of the historic claims the United States has made to prove it “exceptionalism” was it’s system of justice. They are wrong. The system we have is slanted.

The Black Population is Being Imprisoned at Alarming Rates

  • Upwards of 1/3 of the black male population is under the supervision of the correctional system (prison, jail, parole, probation)
  • Estimated “lifetime expectancy” of spending some time in prison is 29% for young black men.
  • About 10% of black children, 2.6% of Hispanic children, .8% of white children have a parent in prison (at some point).

The system is slanted.

We need to push for change, but more than that we need vigilance. We need continuity in our activity – we need sustained movement otherwise we can’t change anything. I’m tired of seeing my community marginalized.

Peace and Love

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