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Political Extortionists

September 23, 2011

We have in the people’s House, our own version of the Corleone Family. House Speaker John Boehner is Vito Corleone and he just made an offer to the country that he feels the Senate cannot refuse.

This morning House Republicans passed divisive legislation that is supposed to avoid a “government shut down”. However, the bill is an extortion note because in it are provisions that erects a new, controversial standard: emergency disaster relief funds must be offset by cutting federal programs (all of which are included in what we know as the social safety net).

The House Republicans are not honest brokers in negotiations with Democrats or the White House. They decry what they call the “take it or leave it”proposals of the Obama administration, but then when the country needs leadership and compassion they deal cards out from a fixed deck. They are unwavering in their support of the wealthiest Americans. They are unwavering in their stances against policy aimed at correcting the ill effects of our unbalanced economy for the working class.

Can you here that music Sen. Reid, because Don Corleone is about to make you an offer you must refuse.

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