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Herman Cain: This Week’s Joke

October 18, 2011

Tea-Party favorite, and Republican flavor of the week, or Joke of the Week never ceases to amaze me. Not with his clarity of thought and penetrating vision, but with the inanity of his policy positions. On Sunday, Mr. Cain’s interview on NBC’s Meet the Press was literally must see television. If you didn’t see it, watch it online, because in it was a look into the mind of a political fraud.

I won’t go into all the man’s positions, but some highlights were his strong support of outlawing abortion even in the case of rape and incest; and if the mother’s life were in jeapordy – the family gets to decide then. His ideal vision of a Supreme Court Justice would be another Clarence Thomas (a position he reverentially espoused); and he refuses to be identified as African-American and only as Black American, because his origins are America. I guess his ancestors comes from Black Land….hmm, need to find that on the map.

That’s enough to disqualify Mr. Cain as a candidate for me, but the point I really have to scratch my head on is his economics. His 9-9-9 plan. I’m not an economist nor a mathematician, but of all the things the man touts this has got to be the biggest joke of all. His performance on Meet the Press, and it was a performance had to bring you to that conclusion. As he spoke about “sneak attacks” and hidden “invisible” taxes, while David Gregory quoted the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and even the shows own independent economic experts on the dubious nature of his 9-9-9 plan. The most agreed upon point being that it will increase the tax burden of the poor and middle-class!

Cain thinks that’s an acceptable outcome. Why? Because the only people who will incur more taxation are those who spend their income on “new goods”. Well…hello, who buys used milk?! Here are the facts: Poor people (meaning those making under $13K a year) don’t pay income taxes now. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan if implemented would increase their taxes from 0% to a definite 9% and a probable 18% (9% Income tax + 9% National Sales tax). In actuality it will be a definite 18% because poor people spend the majority of their money on new goods! Food, clothing and gas! So working poor and those of you in poverty, make sure you shop at the Goodwill Grocery Store. Oh…what’s that? There is no such thing…sorry.

That’s ridiculous enough, but then it becomes preposterous when you hear him refuse to combine the new 9-9-9 tax structure with existing state tax constructs. There are only a few states that have no sales tax. The majority of the states do, at usually 6-7%. So the increased tax burden would be 25-26% for those in poverty and the working poor. I’m not a rocket scientist folks – but it looks like the majority of workers are going to pay more taxes.

Apparently Mr. Cain is either the worst mathematician to ever come out of Morehouse (the prestigious institution that gave us great men such as Martin Luther King, Julian Bond and Howard Thurman) or intellectually disingenuous.

For me he’s just a joke.

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