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Dead Duck

November 7, 2011

Herman Cain’s Presidential campaign, regardless of the callous indifference of some polled GOP voters, is dead. Today a fourth woman has accused him of sexual harrassment. But this time, there is no gag order keeping the accuser quiet. Sharon Bialek at a press conference earlier today described an incident in 1997 where Herman Cain “reached up her skirt and tried to force her head to his crotch while the pair were in Cain’s car.” 

I hope the American public is really taking notice here. The lunatics running the asylum known as the GOP Tea Party are so willing to derail the country with their radical agenda, that they will prop up this gutter-snipe to the highest office in the land. I do not want to hear anything from anybody about his presumed innocence. Look at the evidence we can see. The women in opposition to Herman Cain’s innocence are willing to talk, they want to have their gag orders nullified, and the latest accuser is holding press conferences detailing his lechery.

He is unelectable GOP! More than 50% of the American electorate is female. Stick a fork in him! He’s a dead duck. 

Now whose going to play distraction for Mitt Romney?

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