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Dismissed to Late

November 10, 2011

On Wednesday night, Penn State’s Board of Trustees made it official and dismissed Joe Paterno as their University’s football coach.

I will not detail the gruesome charges listed against Jerry Sandusky that caused the ouster of the 84 year old football coach, however, it is evident that he was in possession of information that could have been used to ensure that nothing like what Sandusky had been doing could happen again on his watch. That alone is enough for his firing, however, what looms even more troubling is the fact that Paterno and his family are “devastated” at the firing. Frankly speaking, I would have been devastated if he were retained.

As a coach, one of the responsibilities I hold most sacred is the safety and well-being of the children in my charge. If you read the testimony of the graduate assistants eye witness account of Sandusky having anal sex with his 10 year old victim, there can be no doubt that the sacred trust a coach is given by a child’s parents was violated. 

Why is that not seen? Why is that not the topic of media discussion?

I read and watched the student protesting Paterno’s firing and could not help but think – when does a game trump the worth of  a child? The answer of course is NEVER. But these students apparently aren’t being taught that. There is a amazing double standard at work in our society, where there is public and vociferous outrage over the firing of a man who did not see the need to call the police in the face of a criminal accusation, but not so much for the 8 young boys he abused over 15-years.

The students women and men alike were rioting in the street. Turning over cars, vandalizing property in support of at best a callous passing of the buck, and at worse a blatant organizational cover up.  To those supporting his continued employment at Penn State I tell you that Paterno was dismissed to late – at least for those 8 children who Sandusky was able to come into contact with because your hero didn’t follow through and call the authorities himself!

Paterno does not deserve this adulation. The report made public is 23-pages long, and nearly every page is more revolting than the last. The revelation of that report alone should have given “Joe Pop” the sense to know he needed to resign immediately. But no, he doesn’t prove himself the ethicist we were led to believe over his 46 year career. He decides to finish the season and retire. Stating that the Penn State’s Board of Trustees

“should not spend a single minute discussing my status. They have far more important matters to address.”

A statement spoken by a man who perceives himself above the authority that judges everyone else.  What greater matters can a Board of Trustees have then this? Nothing short of a murder.

I am not a court appointed judge.

I am not constrained by the letter of the law.

I have made my decision on this matter.

Jerry Sandusky was Joe Paterno’s heir to the throne – he resigned a year after police investigations of his relationship to “Victim 6”! He was then allowed to continue to work in a charity that catered to 5 – 15 year old boys – still given access to the school facilities and was again seen abusing a boy in 2002 under “Joe Pop’s” supposedly watchful eye. An eye which looked the other way after following the narrowest letter of  law.

You knew Joe . You heard the allegations – you are an institution in that valley, don’t tell me the King has no ears.

Good riddance Joe!

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