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No Grand Jury Justice for Trayvon

April 10, 2012

Yesterday it was announced that the Special Prosecutor provided by the Florida DA’s office would not be laying charges against George Zimmerman before a Grand Jury.

This means 3 things:

1) The Special Prosecutor is having trouble finding grounds to charge Zimmerman. (Reports indicate that there will be NO charges put before the Grand Jury)

2) George Zimmerman cannot be charged with 1st degree murder in the state of Florida. (Without a Grand Jury there can be no charge of Murder)

3) The highest level of charge George Zimmerman (who has yet not been arrested) can stand against will be manslaughter.

We have a problem brothers and sisters; and I’m not speaking in a universal sense. We have a problem in this country black people. There is a crucial confluence of circumstances that are proving that in America black lives are undervalued. I will not sit here and conflate this issue with images of hoodies, although I plan on wearing one in solidarity with National Hoodie Day, the reason George Zimmerman has not been arrested is that Trayvon Martin looked like a Huxtable and not a Brady!

Many of us, who have tried to convey the idea of a post-racial society will be angry at my blunt statement. But they are fooling themselves. Look at this case, and the multitude of problems with its adjudication and tell me that if this was a white child would and Zimmerman a black man, would there not have been an arrest?!

Let me answer for the ones who don’t want to…of course there would have been!

I wrote three weeks ago, this case made me feel like I did in high school contemporary issues. When I saw the picture of Emmitt Till, and read the facts of his murder. The case feels even more like it today. I hope we understand that Emmitt Till’s murder changed the mentality of our elders. That it was the thought in the mind of Rosa Parks when she refused to move.

We need to act. Preachers, we need to act. It is often galvanizing moments that shake us from the dormancy of our routine that produces movement, cultivates leadership and spurs the collective consciousness of a people to advocate for change.

We need to think and push for the permanent elimination of laws like the “stand your ground” statute in Florida. We need to see that organizations like ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) who authored these laws, and the many new laws hindering the voting franchise of African Americans throughout this country are “the enemies of justice” A Phillip Randolph described in his address at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Justice, and we need to understand that Race and Class are still America’s Cancer!

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