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Mitts Response to Sandy

November 1, 2012

Mitt Romney has a fundamental leadership problem. He cannot relate to the problems people are presented with in a genuinely caring way. His latest response to the tragedy that is the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was unconscionable. How can you try to compare the clean up efforts of such a devastating event to cleaning up a football field after a game? I’m glad you’ve conducted your food drive – I’m glad your packing and shipping provisions for the states in dire need, but samaritan’s work aside; peoples lives have been devastated, homes carefully made by families destroyed…and Mitt says he can relate to the clean up efforts based on his experience at a high school football game! But, why should we think him more responsible than this in the first place? This is the same man who said FEMA’s work could be more apply done by the private sector. I hope these “undecided” voters are watching who Mitt really is, I hope they see how he will run this country if given the chance – let me help you if your still wondering how he’ll do it folks. He’ll act like a CEO.

CEOs are concerned with the bottom line. They foment the idea of caring for their workforce – they pretend to be moved by the lives of the people who work in their corporate structures. They lie. I know first hand the care and concern of the “private” or better said “corporate” sector. In the words of Gordon Gecko “Greed is good.”

So, as we countdown to Election Day 2012, let’s break the choice down to the bare essentials. The choice is between a candidate who has sought to work with the private, public and legislative interests aligned against him for the greater good of this country; and a life time plutocrat who for all intent and purpose wants to hand this country over to big business.

Decision seems easy to me.

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